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Sunday, January 15, 2012 

You know those days when you go to interview someone at their house, and you feel like you stepped into the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland? That is just the kind of day Ross and Carrie had when they met up with famous mentalist Mark Edward in his southern California home. Hear all about how Mark made a living as a "psychic"... all while not believing a word he said. Hot drinks included!




Best of Skepticamp, Pt 1 February 26, 2011
Interview with Mark Edward: Cold Reading, Mentalism, Psychics.






PQRN logo


Interview at So Cal Para-Con October 2, 2010 by Para Quest Radio Network (PQRN)

Mark briefly discuses the IIG (Independent Investigation Group) whom he is involved with, the group's views on the paranormal and their $50,000 Challenge for testable paranormal phenomena.



Rational Alchemy



Rational Alchemy 03/20/2010
The Amazing Adventure 5, an international gathering of skeptics on the high seas has just concluded. During the cruise, Jeff Wagg led a spirited discussion with panelists Dr. Jennifer Newport, Alvin Phua, Myk Dowling, and Mark Edward. Also appearing are various members of the skeptical community, many of whom you are sure to recognize.

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Rational Alchemy 09/13/2011 Guerrilla Skepticism
This week we were joined by Mark Edward and Susan Gerbic. We discussed guerrilla skepticsm, editing Wikipedia, throwing shit on Sylvia Browne (literally and figuratively) and much more.

Skeptics Guide to the Universe


Podcast 219 September 28, 2009
Recorded July 15, 2009
Recorded at TAM 7, Interview about Mark's career, seancing with Michael Jackson, and more.




Warning Radio


Jun 14 , 2009  
Mark Edward and the County Coroner (link may not work)

August 17, 2009
Mark Edward and Susan Gerbic



Paranormal Podcast


The Paranormal Podcast 90 June 24, 2009   
"Skeptic, Psychic or Both" – Paranormal Podcast 90





Paranormal View


The Paranormal View   "Skeptic Tank" 5 July 29, 2009

The Paranormal View "Halloween Party" November 3, 2009






Here is Sylvia Browne getting a welcome from skeptics who were also in Las Vegas for The Amazing Meeting 2012.

Her manager needs to do more research in the future.

This took place July 13, 2012 in Las Vegas


Practical Alchemy: Lesson One - "The Dissolving Coin"


February 18, 2012


Mole Control

July 4, 2011

  Handy-Dandy All-In-One Do-It-Yourself Medium Reading.

July 3, 2011


This is the preliminary test for Montana's Nick Nelson. If he had been successful in three trials he would have passed the preliminary test and moved on to a much more difficult test for the $50,000 prize. Nick Nelson after the first trial quit. He can reapply in a year. 

May 20, 2011

Mark Edward's blog on the event can be found here


During downtime of the "Weird or What?" séance shoot, Mark Edward reads the indroduction to his séance.

March, 2011


Join Mark and Susan as they begin a series of Ghost Tours with a skeptical point of view. In their first video, they visit the famous (or infamous) Stanley Hotel, home of Room 217 and Steven King's inspiration for "The Shining."

March 5, 2011

Filmed at the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Investigation of the "haunted" Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion.(Denver, CO built 1891) Mark Edward interviews Bryan Bonner, Logan and Matthew Baxter about what makes them different from other "ghost" hunters.

Part 1.

March 2011


Paranormal Investigation of the "haunted" Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion.(Denver, CO built 1891) Mark Edward interviews Bryan Bonner, Logan and Matthew Baxter about what makes them different from other "ghost" hunters. 

Part 2.

March 2011

Mark Edward at The Stanley Hotel Bar

February 25, 2011

Ten23 Homeopathy Challenge ~ Monterey, Ca, USA

February 6, 2011

Threading the Maze of Magick with Mark Edward

August 19, 2010

Your Free Tarot Reading with Mark Edward

August 8, 2010

The Truth About Psychic Hotlines
Mark Edward, a former psychic hotline employee, tells all on an appearance on Good Morning America.

Promotional Video for Mark Edward showing examples of thought transference, second sight . . . and charlatanism.

The Truth!

July 2009

Mark Edward provides anaysis of how Rosemary Altea conducts her sessions on this 1st episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit! from 2003.

The Amazing Adventure 4 with James Randi
Discussing mentalism
March 8 - 15 2009

On the Amazing Adventure 4
James Randi, Jeff Wagg & Mark Edward discuss mentalism
March 8 - 15 2009

Mentalist Mark Edward tells a woman's fortune using a banana -- and demonstrates that the psychic scammers can use anything to perform their tricks. From the James Randi Educational Foudation's "Amazing Adventure 4" cruise, March 200


Sylvia Browne and her cohort Montel Williams appeared at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios on December 29, 2009.

Why was Sylvia Browne unable to "see" Mark Edward was punking her?

More info is posted here:

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