Top Ten Mentalism With Cards


Between the covers of this book the reader will find my top ten favorite effects using standard playing cards, ESP cards and the Tarot. Five knock-out routines of my own, two that I worked into near miracle status with the help of Larry Becker, two killer ESP gems written up by myself courtesy of Jules Lenier and with the permission of Bascom Jones and Ned Rutledge; one of Ned's very rare "Unusuals." This is a collection of only the best card work I perform without any faked cards or particularly complicated sleights or handling - Simply the strongest demonstrations of mind to mind contact I have ever used. From audience empowering stand-up mentalism to seance and bizarre magic, each routine is backed up with a plausible story line dealing with telepathy, ESP, voodoo, hypnotism or other paranormal possibilities. If you are interested in making your card act jump from the merely clever into the realm of fantastic believability, this book is for you! A full bibliography is included. This is a limited printing of 100 copies only. 60 duplex printed pages, 8,5" x 11" format / flexible black coil bound with a clear plastic covered color cover.