Things That Go Bump: Red


$25. This CD is filled with musical cues and sounds culled from only the most spectral and suspenseful moments recorded by such composers as Tangerine Dream, Bela Bartok, Wendy Carlos, Popol Vuh, Bernard Herrmann, Fred Steiner, Ennio Morricone, Keith Emerson, Dead Can Dance, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop and other diverse electronic bits and pieces collected through twenty years of séance work. These cues and soundscapes are mixed at random time intervals depending on the CD color of your choice. These colors are based on the ascending order of ancient alchemic formulae; BLACK, the path of asceticism and labor; RED, the door of faith and higher goals; and WHITE, representing adeptship and the highest of the Mysteries. Each CD is 60 minutes in length and mailed in a protective illustrated library case.

RED: An original collection of sounds and tones spiced together at random intervals to  facilitate as many synchronistic moments as possible. Don’t expect to hear any long running soundtrack material on either RED or WHITE! The sound bites are intentionally spaced out intermittently on each CD and fades in and out – like any self-respecting ghost would. RED and WHITE are made to be played at an extremely low volume. Your sitters should ideally not be aware of any “music” or sounds, rather these two CDs are created to invoke a presence. The sitters should be thinking, “Did I just hear something?’

Special Deal: Cover your entire séance spectrum and save by purchasing all three CDs for just $60.00.