Silentium Tarot Cards


$40. The twenty-two Major Arcana of the tarot as visualized and presented in “SILENTIUM” are now being made available. These sets are hand-made on the highest quality 67 lb. color laser photo paper that has been cold-laminated on both sides. This process gives each card an excellent durability, but is not as rigid as other “menu card” style laminated packet effects. Just the right weight, flexibility and thickness are then hand-cut and edge burnished and made ready to work with. The background shown is the back design. Four example cards pictured here, plus The Fool on the previous “shop” page highlight the contemporary slant and humor I have worked hard to create.


If you don’t already own my book “SILENTIUM,” which contains complete scripts of my own personal interpretations for each Major card, these up-dated archetypes (based on the well-known Rider-Waite system) can still add a unique visual punch to any tarot session.


Tired of the same old New Age mumbo-jumbo? Own a set of tarot cards like no other pack on the planet. And start entertaining with a whole new viewpoint to share with your sitters. Since this is a very special limited hand-made edition and because of the time and custom work involved, please allow ten to fifteen days for delivery of these colorful beauties.

Special Deal: Buy both the book “SILENTIUM,” (normally $45.00) and the card set for $65.00. That’s more than a 20% savings!