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Sense and Seance


Temporarily out of stock but see soft cover version below.

$135. The
companion piece to my first book RESTLESS PLOTS is now ready to ship. If you liked that book, I'm positive you will enjoy what I have to say in SENSE AND SEANCE. This is not only a book of my thought processes, anecdotes and personal experiences gleaned from over twenty five years of psychic and seance work, but also includes sections on building the medium's character, personal influences, outdoor FX, pre-show work, being "too perfect," psychometry, doing psychic parties and the best tips I could summon to my mind about performing effective psychic readings, both in person and live on radio. Loaded with quotes, heavily footnoted and with a complete bibliography and index, the book concludes with a "Main Course" chapter featuring two original warm-up routines followed by three completely scripted portable seance packages anyone can build and perform with a minimum of time, money and skill. Also included is the complete script for my corporate "Fifteen Minutes to Intuition" lecture that effectively takes the whole seance concept out of the seance room and into the board room. "Sense and Seance" contains all my latest never before in print essays blended with tried and true effects that are easy to build and perform - all with the emphasis on storytelling. The deluxe first impression will be limited to 500 signed and numbered hardbound copies. The first edition is 200 pages, printed on signature bound double-sided 8/12 x 11 - 24 lb antique almond paper stock The cover will feature gilt titles on the cover and spine imprinted on custom Japanese black silk covered boards. The first edition will also have a full color portrait photo tipped-in covered with a protective sheet of matte vellum. A photo imprinted dust jacket with original artwork on heavy coated stock rounds out this edition. As each book will be printed and hand sewn in small runs of twenty-five at a time by a master craftsman who specializes in fine art books and knows the level of quality that needs to maintained, please expect delivery in four to six weeks. This may take a bit longer for overseas customers. Those of you who know me also know that my word is gold on coming through with the best possible product I can offer. Remember, only 500 of these beauties will be printed! All other editions that follow will be substantially different!


Sense and Seance - Soft Cover

$85.  A soft cover version of the same book described to the right. Heavy black coil bound and printed on 60 lb. saw grass green duplex printed paper, covered in illustrated heavy card stock with plastic protective wraps. If you ever wanted to own a copy of this massive tome, but were waiting for a less expensive binding – this is it. Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies.