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Mediums, Well Done!: A Treatise on the Performance of Sťance for Magicians


$20. A general primer for the standard magician seeking to understand the basic principles, terminology and marketing strategies of modern mediumship. Re-printed from the original full-length article written for Stan Allen's MAGIC MAGAZINE in October, 1993 that was eventually titled "Seance - A Different Kind of Magical Experience." Material edited out from my original manuscript is all here including contributed insights from Tony "Doc" Shiels, Jim Magus, Jeff "Erskine" Peyton, Jamy Ian Swiss, Docc Hilford, Lee Earle, Sandy Spillman and other past and present luminaries in the seance field. Unpublished material includes: "Disclaimers That Don't," "Glossary of Terms," "Film and Television Guide" plus a full bibliography. If you are just getting started or curious about who, how and where seance can work as a viable entertainment, you can't do better than this inexpensive guide.