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How to Increase Your Income with ESP


This is my "pitch book" for corporate lectures and the lucrative psychic party market. There are no tricks or magic routines in this book! This is "'The Real Thing" for the believers who wish to partake of your wisdom. Gathered from many diverse sources, this booklet includes my own outline in three steps on how to use "The Powers of the Mind" to increase productivity and intuitive awareness in both personal and business relationships. I have delivered this lecture and sold these books everywhere from Camelot Psychic Fairs to the Toyota Board Room.

Here is a book you can feel free to reproduce in whole or in part, add your name onto the cover and sell it to any seekers of paranormal knowledge after your seance, psychic party or lecture. This is a valuable "back of the room" sales item camera-ready for your use.

Includes instructions on the proper use of pendulums, ESP Cards and other psychic tools. This tome will pay for itself many times over and acts as a calling card that cannot be ignored.