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Graphick: How to Read Handwriting for Fun and Profit


$40. Are you are tired of struggling with the same old psychic mumbo-jumbo? Want to step up to big pay? If you answered yes to either question, the GRAPHICK system of handwriting analysis is readymade for you. Based on my own method of sixteen key indicators that are common to all handwriting, GRAPHICK breaks down fifteen actual client signatures I have collected from my years of working this highly lucrative field. After reading the simple conceptual framework, you will be ready anytime to leave behind your crystal ball, tarot cards or palmistry charts and break into the "scientific" arena of non-occult related readings - just by picking up a pen and scrap of paper. If you have had previous experience in any of the above mentioned alternative methods of giving readings, you already know the basic strategies and only slight adjustments are required to easily make the leap to becoming a Graphologist. No degree in psychology or years of therapeutic research is necessary - just this book. If you are totally new to giving readings, the sixteen keys will give you a sufficient level of skill to begin working immediately after reading GRAPHlCK.

There's no hocus-pocus, deception or supernatural elements involved, just the facts shown to each client in a clear, concise and easy to understand fashion. If desired, my method also gives the reader the option of projecting out into the individual clients' future scenario as interpreted by their signature. This aspect alone takes the GRAPHlCK technique into heretofore uncharted realms not covered in any standard texts on the subject.

The corporate market is ready and eager to embrace this form of entertainment as not only something fun and revealing for their employees and clients, but also well aware of how it can be successfully applied to resumes, job applications and business administration. If the average person walked into a major corporate office and offered tarot or palm readings as an adjunct to their clerical staff, they would likely be shown the door. With the GRAPHlCK system, you can confidently offer your services solely as an entertainer to agents and party planners or with a little practice turn this process into a full-time career. This book is also peppered with proverbs and handy quotes that can be woven into the interpretations to give them the edge of humor I find so important in getting return bookings and being able to entertain, not just analyze. Key words used in actual sessions with clients are highlighted in bold to give the reader the big picture with just a glance. If you are looking to expand your horizons with a new and undeniably powerful marketing tool, GRAPHlCK is a reference book you will want to have in your library. Only 100 numbered copies will be printed.

GRAPHlCK is 80 - 8.5" x ll" duplex pages, printed on heavy blue Rain Smooth paper, with fully illustrated color wrappers on bright white photo paper. Bound with a heavy black coil and covered with clear protective plastic.