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Confessions of a 900 Psychic


$40. Back in 1997, long before the advent of "reality television," my wife Rena and I found ourselves immersed in the popular world of the "professional psychic." After endless nerve-challenging hours of listening to the most bizarre stories, most of which were far stranger than any fiction imaginable, we began to input the masses of otherworldly tales into a computer data base. In many cases, we literally couldn't believe what we were hearing. Writing it all down seemed one of the only ways of coping with it all! We figured someone somewhere could eventually benefit from our toils - hopefully a film maker, television producer or book publisher looking for a glimpse into an industry that at the time was becoming a media Frankenstein.

In the pages of "Confessions of a 900 Psychic," the reader will be made witness to the cream off the top of this monumental collection of inside information. Many of the "tricks of the trade" are laid bare and the scams run by the companies who made millions for years are revealed for the first time in print. Dozens of well-meaning persons who participated in these networks quit in disgust, our hearts and souls left drained and exploited by a system that had no guidelines other than greed. When we originally signed on, everyone was forced to sign a ten year "non-disclosure agreement," promising not to divulge their nefarious secrets. The time limit they imposed has long since passed and we are now free to spill all the beans. And we do. Using humor, true stories with only the names changed to protect the innocent and our keenest wits, we offer a handbook for the wary. Whether you are a psychic or a psychiatrist, you can learn much from this un-varnished truth about the psychic phone business and the people who call them. 165 black coil bound duplex printed pages.