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Barker, Clive. THE INHUMAN CONDITION (1986) Poseidon Press. Ever wonder what happens when you tie knots in a string with a definite outcome in mind? The Inhuman Condition is about such spell casting – and other weirdness. Nice hardcover in dj, 178 pgs.


Bierce. Ambrose. GHOST AND HORROR STORIES OF AMBROSE BIERCE. (1964) Dover reprint. 210 pgs. Paperback.



Carroll, Lewis. THE MAGIC OF LEWIS CARROLL  (1975) edited by John Fisher. Published by Penguin Books Ltd;.Paperback.ISBN: 0140040641.
Fisher examines Carroll’s inventions of games and puzzles, and use of amateur magic tricks.

Publisher’s notes:
“In addition to being a lecturer in mathematics and a writer of fantasy for children, Lewis Carroll was a prolific inventor of games and puzzles and an adept amateur conjurer. The Magic Of Lewis Carroll explores these activities and attempts, in their light, to illuminate certain aspects of Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. At the same time it brings together the most comprehensive collection of Carroll’s games and puzzles yet published.”

With illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, Henry Holiday, Arthur Frost, Harry Furniss and Lewis Carroll. Topics covered include `Thimble Thaumaturgy’, `Anagrams’, `Flower Riddle’, `Origami’, `Doublets’, and `Knot Two – Eligible Apartments’. Original paperback in good condition.  

Collings, Rex. Editor. CLASSIC VICTORIAN AND EDWARDIAN GHOST STORIES (1976) Wordworth Classics. A great anthology of ghost tales from many of the acknowledged past masters of the genre. A great place to start a life long obsession. Paperback, 290 pgs.

Fort, Charles. THE BOOKS OF CHARLES FORT. Henry Holt / Published for the Fortean Society (1948) A huge book of weirdness. Four comprehensive books in one mammoth 1,125 page tome: “The Book of the Damned”, “New Lands”, “Lo!” and “wild Talents.” If you have read the popular “Fortean Times” magazine, this is where it all started: Stones and frogs falling from the sky, magick and anomalies galore. In a protected dj.

Fortune, Dion. THE SECRETS OF DR. TAVERNER. Llewellyn (1971) One of the first fictional “supernatural sleuths” created by one of the most influential members of the early Spiritualism movement and a guiding force in the Golden Dawn. Strange writings in the fashion of a psychic Sherlock Holmes. Paperback, mint.

Harlen Ellison, Neil Gaiman, and others. IN THE SHADOW OF THE GARGOYLE (1998) If you love gargoyles, their lore and historic role in great supernatural fiction, this book is for you. 257 pgs. Large format paperback. mint.


Kaplan, Stuart. TAROT CLASSIC. (1972)  U.S. Games. In a somewhat tattered condition – but still useful if you use the Tarot Marseille deck. Paperback, 240 pgs.


Lukeman, Alex. WHAT YOUR DREAMS CAN TEACH YOU (1990) Llewlyn. The book I was required to read to qualify for a 900 dream interpretation hotline back in June, 1991. Excellent advice and not just your typical grocery store check-out line book of obvious symbols. Deep and comprehensive steps. Including a loose “personal” letter to counselors who were hired from the author Paper, 260 pgs.

Lyle, Jane. THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF TAROT – DISCOVER THE MYSTERIES. (2003) Thunder Bay Press. Paperback.


Parker, Derek & Julia. DREAMING: REMEMBERING – INTERPRETING – BENEFITTING  (1983) Prentice Hall. A good text of standard symbolic interpretations in an illustrated large format paperback. 228 pgs.

Proskauer, Julian. SPOOK CROOKS!  (1928) New York. A.L. Burt Co. The author was a well known Magician and ardent foe of the deceptions by fraudulent con artists, exposes the spirit mediums, fortune tellers, spiritualists, and the pseudo-science of astrology, numerology, palmistry, tea leaf reading, and other false doctrines created to impress the gullible, separate them from their money and make the con artist/swindler wealthy. An excellent book that belongs in any skeptic or mentalist library. Red cloth, vg condition. A classic.

USA Weekend. I NEVER BELIEVED IN GHOSTS UNTIL… (1992) Barnes & Noble 100 real life “true” encounters collected and compiled by USA Weekend. Hardbound in dj, mint 215 pgs.


Waite, Arthur Edward. THE PICTORIAL KEY TO THE TAROT. University Books, NY (1959) A tight small sized hardbound volume in protected dj. Perfect for carrying along for easy reference.


Wakefield, H.R. THE BEST GHOST STORIES OF H.R. WAKEFILED. Academy Press  1978, large format paperback. If you haven’t read Wakefield’s work, stories like “Mrs. Amworth” will stay with you for a long time. Highly recommended and another book full of séance plots. Mint condition large format paperback.

Wilhelm, Barnes. THE I CHING (1959) Princeton University Press, Bolingten Series XIX. The original small volume that packs a big punch. Hardbound in covered dj, 749 pgs.


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